Department of Mechanical science

Mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering, which is interested in designing, manufacturing, operating and developing machinery and equipment used in the economic sectors, and mechanical engineering plays an important role in the economic development of industrial enterprises, focusing on power, energy and movement fundamentally, including air conditioning, heating, energy, health systems, manufacturing and transmission. This program is designed for you dear student to develop your technical and analytical skills, and to be fully informed about how to transform and produce energy, develop machines, movement and forces, systems, mechanical and thermal processes, to get the best results, highest efficiency, lowest costs, and less damage to the environment.

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who should attend?

This program is aimed at:
-All mechanical engineers and assistant engineers wishing to refine and develop their skills, and see everything that is new in this field
-Maintenance technicians and machine operators 
-Machine department officials in factories and factories  
-Everyone has a desire to learn mechanical engineering, and wants realistic and genuine support for them to be able to do their job and apply for jobs in this discipline.



This program aims to:
-Improving the mechanical engineering skills of students
-Raising the ability to use modern technologies to find engineering solutions to many technical problems
-Linking the theoretical aspect to the practical aspect of the use of mechanical equipment in industrial production processes
-Providing good knowledge and understanding of skills, engineering foundations and mechanical sciences
-Raising the capacity for innovation and technical competition, and developing new ideas in mechanical design.


Program content:

1-Production and machinery

2-Materials science and engineering

3-Mechanical processes

4-Energy systems engineering


6-Cooling, air conditioning and heating systems

7-Renewable energy technology

8-Computerized machines

9-Electromechanical maintenance

10-Maintenance of electric and hybrid vehicles


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