Department of Medical Sciences - Alternative Medicine and Herbal Medicine

Did you know that the body has a normal self-healing mechanism whenever you get infected? Yes, forget about chemically manufactured drugs that degrade the body’s natural white blood cell healing abilities, and join us now in the alternative medicine program, to explore all the natural ways available to you to live a healthy lifestyle, and to practice alternative medicine with excellence and professionalism.
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who should attend?

This program is aimed at:
– All workers in the alternative medical profession need to know all that is new in this area.
– Dermatologists, nutritionists, skin care specialists
– All persons interested in herbal medicine and alternative medicine practices 



Program objectives:
– This program aims to identify all practices in the field of alternative medicine, which in turn treat many diseases, and aims to reduce the survival rate of patients in hospitals
– Identify the rapid and safe treatment of some human diseases
– Help qualifying athletes
– Qualifying participating students for the labour market
– Help students to open their own project in this field.


Program themes:

1- Introducing alternative medicine and its importance and branches
2- Herbal therapy (cosmetic and therapeutic)
3- Learn about some medicinal plants, how to preserve them, and their uses
4- Identify some diseases that can be treated with herbs
5- Treatment of gastrointestinal diseases with herbs
6- Treatment of some skin diseases with herbs
7- Herbs and beauty
8- Cupping and its benefits
9- Massage
10- Chinese needles
11- Honey products
12- Oil therapy
13. Traditional Chinese medicine 

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