Department of The Art of Writing A Newspaper Article

The world of journalism is a vast world in which fair competition among journalists expands, and the newspaper article is one of the types of articles that require great skill and experience, in addition to the need for the writer to abide by certain conditions while writing the article to become successful and influential, if you have a passion to learn to write this type of article just join us to learn with us how to write a special newspaper article, learn about its most important elements, and some important advice for the journalist.

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who should attend?

This program is aimed at:

– All journalists and media professionals

– Writers, authors and publishers

– All employees in the media and press sectors

– Anyone who has a passion and talent for writing and wants real support enables him to excel and professionalize in this field



This program aims to:

– Providing full theoretical and practical knowledge to enable students to write creatively for the press article

– Prepare a distinguished press staff capable of writing the right professionally without mistakes

– Learn about the organizational structure of the article

– Developing students’ reading and editing skills 



Program themes:

1. How to be a writer

2. The conditions for writing the newspaper article

3. The difference between theory and practice

4. The difference between the newspaper article and the research article

5. Explaining the concept of “imitation” while writing the article

6. Teaching and learning trends in writing the article

7. When to use long sentences and short sentences in writing an article

8. The importance of enabling the author of the article to be able to speak classical Arabic

9. The ritual of writing a newspaper article

10. Building a newspaper article

11. Examples of some newspaper articles

12. Coordination of the press article

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